Polymer I-TIP 22" Remi Hair Extensions Silky(25 Strand I-Tip Extensions Per Bundle)

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Mariomax offers hair extensions supplies for the licensed professional directly from the manufacturer. We are the only supplier with a factory and a hair research lab in San diego that enables us to guarantee our quality. From collecting hair to producing finished hair extensions supplies we perform every step

Our Remy Hair is best type of Hair Extensions available.out of the entire Human Hair category, remy hair gives the most natural

appearance. It is the preferred choice for the following appealing benefits:

1. Last longer time without tangling

2. Stay healthy and strong 

3. Able to color, curl and straighten 

4. Able to use normal hair products to deal with
5. Look more natural and blends better in with your real hair 
Apart from Remy extensions, other hair extensions may be cheaper, but due to the different raw materials, it is much more difficult to style and color them. Remy extensions would be the most natural looking in terms of extensions and can be the smartest choice.